I no longer conduct tours through Yad VaShem, however I still give lectures about the Holocaust (“G-d Didn’t Die in Auschwitz” – Answering the Question: Where was G-d in the Holocaust?) as well as other topics; so, if you go over to the left-hand panel and click on lectures (or ‘Tapes’), you can find the topic (or ‘download’) which interests you.

I am still teaching in the department of psychology at Touro College here in Jerusalem; 

To see which courses I will be teaching for the up-coming semester, please check the following link for further information:

The option to audit these & other courses without credit still allows many people to participate in these very interesting subjects at a fraction of the regular full-credit cost.  Please call the Touro’s main office (02-651-0090, ext. 1) for more information about these and other courses.



Regarding my therapy sessions in my clinic, I am a CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist).  I practice Brief Therapy, which means, in fact, working quickly and, chalila, not ‘stringing sessions out. I only do 'individual sessions' even when I do marriage and family counseling.

 I use as my diagnostic paradigm:

 - “Eric Erickson’s 8-Stages of PsychoSocial Development”,

- Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Therapy &

- (a 'kosher form' of) Albert Ellis’ REBT {Rational, Emotive, Behavioral Therapy}.

 I have had very good success treating:

 - OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

- Phobias

- UniPolar Depression

- Generalized Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.)


- Anorexia

- Bi-Polar Depression

- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

and even ...

- Asthma &

- Sciatica (Lower Back Pain)

Although I am known as an orthodox rabbi, I take a purely non-judgmental approach to my patients.  People who come to see me, no matter what malady or disorder, are simply people in pain; it is my job to help alleviate that pain and, hopefully, in a permanent way.

My sessions are 1 hour & 20 minutes (80mins.) long and I charge 350,-NIS, which is cir. 296,-NIS plus 18% MAM; in US-dollars, it is $100.00 per session.

My office is temporarily in transision.

My contact numbers are:

For appointments, please call: 052-442-1683.

A fast & direct fax number for those in North America is: 1- (509) 351-5421            .

My mailing address is:

 P.O. Box 5957

91058 – Jerusalem; Israel

For my Overseas (telephone-) patients,, who wish to pay in US-dollars, a very safe & secure method is simply mailing a check to my bank in America.

 * Please make checks payable to:

“Asher Wade; Acct.#801-398-223”

and, then, write “For Deposit Only” on the back.

Then mail to:

SunTrust Bank

1395 West Main St.

24153 – Salem, VA